3 Month Multiple Entry Visa Dubai- AED 2408

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Due to the growing globalization and changing business needs, the UAE introduced multiple visa entries in 2012 to cater to people who seek to visit different Emirates but make Dubai their stopover city. A multiple entry visa UAE grants visitors permission to visit nearby nations and return to Dubai during the visa validity period. You can either choose a long term 90 days multi entry visa or a short term 30 days multi entry visa. A 3 months multiple entry visa is valid for 60 days from the issuance date and it allows applicants to stay or make use of its multi-entry feature for up to 90 days.

Eligibility for multiple entry visa UAE

In most cases, multiple entry visa UAE are ideal for property dealers, tourists and businessmen. Tourists are granted the 3 months multiple entry visa with a maximum 14 days stay in the UAE at a time. Property dealers and businessmen are granted a maximum of 30 days stay at a time. Note that, the rules set for female and male 3 months multiple entry visa UAE may vary as per the UAE laws.

Required documents

Depending on your reason for applying for the 3 months multiple entry visa UAE, the following documents may be required during application but not all are mandatory.

  • A copy of your valid passport in coloured format.
  • Valid flight tickets from any airline that serves the UAE region.
  • If visiting family or friends, you must provide their proof of residency.
  • An invitation letter or company cover letter though it is not mandatory.
  • Coloured passport photographs.

Note that, the passport photographs and copy of valid passport must be clear; blurry images are not accepted. In addition, any unaccompanied woman or student below 22 years must provide additional ID proof and a valid reason for visiting the UAE and requiring a multi-entry visa prior to applying for the visa.

How to apply 3 months multiple entry visa Dubai

The 3 months multiple entry visa UAE can be applied through a UAE embassy in your state or online with the help of approved visa application agencies like visafordubai.org. Start your online multiple entry visa application by dropping us an email or calling our hotline number. Our visa application experts will get back to you immediately and request the aforementioned documents. The visa process begins once all the required documents are verified and the stipulated visa application and service fees are paid. Our team will notify you once your 3 months multiple entry visa is ready.

Note that, you should make your first entry to the UAE within 2 months from the date your visa is issued. Failure to which, you visa may no longer be eligible for use within the UAE jurisdiction.