Airport To Airport Visa Change Dubai (One Month Visa)

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With over 10 million tourists annually and a high expatriates’ population, the UAE airports are awash with activities all year around. Dubai is among the most preferred business and tourism city in UAE due to its multi-cultural ethos, modern vibe and a wide range of entertainment options and attractions. In order to maximize their experience in the UAE and indulge in a variety of activities, travellers always wish to extend their stay in Dubai. But, if tourists had to follow the old visa renewal procedures, they would be required to exit the country, and reapply a visa after one month which amounts to wasted time and financial resources. To eliminate such hurdles, the UAE government introduced the airport to airport visa extensions that are effected immediately by flying out of Dubai from Sharjah airport to Kuwait or Oman and flying back within one day.

Airport to airport visa change procedure

As aforementioned, you will be required to take a flight from Sharjah to Oman, Kuwait or Bahrain and another back to Dubai.

Departure from Dubai

Start by purchasing the Dubai visa change package from You will be issued with a flight ticket to Oman, Kuwait or Bahrain. While at the airport, proceed to 1st floor at the Hala section. Present your flight ticket and passport. The ticket will be stamped “visa change” and “OK to accept Pax” – you will have to pay a small service fee for the two stamps.

Go to the Air Arabia section for check in and issuance of a boarding pass. Get an eye scan before heading to the immigration section to get the exit stamp on your passport. Note that, the exit stamp is deemed the most important factor of the entire visa change process. So, do not fail to get the immigration stamp before leaving Dubai. Head to boarding area and have a safe flight to the allocated destination.

Return process

Once in Oman, Bahrain or Kuwait, check your visa status with the agent and if it is not ready, you can pass time at the airport’s food court or waiting bay until you are notified that your visa is ready. Collect your approved visa from Hala and pay a small printing fee of AED 40. Get another eye scan before heading to the immigration department for clearance to fly back to Dubai.


Travellers who book our airport to airport visa change package are not required to pay the high visa change deposit at the Dubai international airport. They save time since they only stay out of Dubai for a day before getting the new visa. We focus on offering highly reliable airport visa services, immediate processing and same day visa change guarantees. All our airport to airport visas are approved within 24 hours. Therefore, do not hesitate to contact us and receive expert airport visa services.